An Advanced Leasing Solution

ResidentIQ® is a powerful platform that elevates your property management business with a single connected solution. Experience how a resident background check and leasing process should be.

AI Resident Screen
Resident Screening

A.I. Resident Screening

Designed specifically for the rental housing market, ResidentIQ® helps drive revenue by selecting the best applicants from the available applicant pool and emphasizing adaptive screening to qualify more prospects at any given time. This allows property owner/operators to make accurate risk decisions on borderline applicants and offset end-of-lease costs.

Fraud Prevention

ID Verification

Protect your business from fraudulent applications with ResidentIQ’s built-in ID Verification service. In real time, a prospect’s information will be screened and verified. If false information is detected, the applicant will be removed from the prospective tenant pool. From SSN and DOB to an applicant’s reported income, ID Verification will make sure all of the important information on the application is verified.

ID Verification

Adaptable Statistical Lease Screening

Stop Hand

Disqualified Applicant

History of rental defaults and collection debt


Marginal Applicant

Few late or missed payments (highest deposit)
thumbs up

Favorable Applicant

Good payment history and no collection debt (mid-level deposit)


Best Applicant

Great payment history and no collection debt (standard deposit)

Revenue driven properties use our predictive screening to increase conversion on leads and amplify their closing ratio. With results driven by data, our simple intelligence criminal matrix and statistical scoring model lets you filter, adjust, and evaluate applicant settings at the property level, improving revenue results across the entire portfolio. This also makes sure that your staff, other residents, and the property is protected. ResidentIQ also applies FCRA filters and criminal routing automation.

Online Application

Automated Resident Application Process

Streamline the application process and improve overall resident experience through an easy, straightforward, and seamless automated platform. ResidentIQ’s online application provides a prospect-centric approach that’s simple and quick.


Powerful Integration

  • Designed to make your life easier, our powerful and seamless integrations with major PMS companies, provides a positive experience for applicants while creating efficiencies for the property.
  • With automated form fills, the days of duplicating work and filling out endless contract and lease fields are over. Any information in your PMS is carried over, saving you time and preventing errors.


Custom build application forms to fit your branding and business needs
Fee Capture

Fee Capture

With our anytime, anywhere customizable online payment option, prospects are able to conveniently and securely pay via credit or debit cards and ACH.
Rental Application Screen
Adaptive and Expansive Lease Generation
Lease Generation

Adaptive and Expansive Lease Generation

ResidentIQ boasts an all-in-one responsive environment and a dynamic leasing experience for residents and leasing teams creating the fast path to revenue.

Save Time

Saving Time

Moving from paper lease to online improves accuracy and saves valuable time.

Forecasting Improved

Accelerated lease renewal times provides an accurate vacancy forecast for property owner and operators.
Fast Onboarding

Fast Onboarding

Our streamlined onboarding process provides the tools that contribute to your success. From contract to revenue, ResidentIQ gets you up-and-running quickly.
Document Uploads

Document Uploads

Prospects are able to easily upload any supporting leasing documents required.

Enjoy an easy and accurate leasing process thanks to ResidentIQ®.

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