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The ResidentIQ® team used their years of experience working with property managers to create an easy, streamlined process for you and your applicants. From the application to the signed lease, we want to make sure to create an incredible user experience. Discover the many features included in this robust resident leasing solution.

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ResidentIQ® offers more than a traditional screening software!

AI Technology
  • Make smarter decisions about borderline applicants
  • Adjust risk level on a property-by-property basis
  • Make accurate risk decisions backed by statistics
Actionable Management Reports
  • Compare your acceptance criteria against your ROI to determine effectiveness.
  • Keep your standards dynamic based on market conditions and location.
Instant Pre-Qualifications
  • Get quick financial reports on your applicants to easily screen and narrow down your applicant pool.
  • Remove unqualified applicants while staying in compliance with FCRA laws, Fair Housing laws, and HUD guidelines.
Easy Integrations
  • Enjoy a seamless experience with easy integrations with other popular property management software.
Phone, Chat and Text
  • Support is always here via phone, chat and text for convenient help.
Predictive Scoring
  • Enjoy nuanced results that go beyond a pass/fail system
  • Get refined results regarding predictors of behaviors that drive good rental performance
  • Maximize revenue while minimizing risk and determine how well an applicant will perform over the course of a lease term.
Risk Analysis
  • Go beyond the standard credit check with ResidentIQ.
  • Add clarity to applicants in the borderline range.
  • Make informed decisions based on seasonality and market demand.
ID Verification Tool and Fraud Prevention
  • Verify your applicants’ documents in real time
  • Remove fraudulent applicants so you can focus on qualified renters.
  • Check government documents and compare to a facial scan with liveliness detection, verify phone numbers, and validate reported income.
Dynamic Threshold Adjustments
  • Easily adjust risk threshold on a property-by-property basis to incrementally manage risk.
Advanced Leasing Solutions
  • Upload your lease and make quick adjustments to lease and addendums for easy access, search, and signing.
  • Impress potential renters and improve adoption with an easy and smooth leasing process.
  • Speedy onboarding process

Enjoy an easy and accurate leasing process thanks to ResidentIQ®.

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