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As the premier CRM software centered on prospect and resident engagement, ResidentIQ® CRM is designed to convert leads into happy residents. Our solution provides unmatched insights into the customer journey and is built around the customer.

Built Around the Customer
Multifamily Leasing

Built Around the Customer

Our software is built with a customer-centric data model so our customers can enjoy the maximum level of flexibility for their specific organization. Designed as the first prospect-centric management system in the residential market, we can capture all communication types to ensure the focus is on the customer.

Save Time

Lead Progression

With ResidentIQ CRM, our lead workflows guide leasing activity and inform agents of what their next step in the process should be.

Save Time

Lease Chatbot

Prospects demand immediate answers to leasing questions no matter the time of day. Ensure seamless conversations and speedy responses with our multifamily leasing chatbot which is an excellent solution to the problem of on-demand availability.
Leasing Analytics Platform

Actionable Data

We take charge of leasing call data to create easy-to-use scorecards and pinpoint where opportunities to drive performance exist. Enjoy simple, reliable, and timely information that helps you better understand how your property team handles calls and where additional training can improve outcomes.

Actionable Data
Leasing CRM
Prospect Focused

Leasing CRM

Designed to help your team nurture leads, our leasing CRM integrates with all aspects of the customer journey and guides your team to take the next step in the leasing journey. The ResidentIQ Leasing CRM tracks engagement through a single, centralized leasing timeline to provide prospects with a better leasing experience.

Features & Functionality

ResidentIQ offers more than a conventional CRM!

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