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ResidentIQ® Online Leasing is proud to provide a complete leasing solution that is customizable to help you implement the right features for your specific residential property.

Attorney approved forms and documents in any state
Online Rental Application

Adaptive & Expansive Lease Generation

Easily send prospects links to rental applications via email and collect all information needed from our mobile-friendly software. Configure applications with your own logo and colors and upload your custom criteria and disclosures. Our multiple levels of security help protect your applicant’s privacy.

Follow the Full-Resident Lifecycle

Follow the Full-Resident Lifecycle

Our easy-to-use system saves you time, money, and effort by providing access to document management tools you’ll use daily. With ResidentIQ Online Leasing, our web-based leases and forms follow the full resident lifecycle to keep your properties in compliance.

Management Features

Attorney Approved Forms & Documents

Stay ahead of the ever-changing laws related to rent control, evictions, resident fees, special city ordinances, and more through our vast library of attorney-approved state-specific documents designed to help you minimize risk.

The ability to have end-to-end solutions packaged to fill your specific technology gaps caused by difficult to use legacy systems is here. We integrate with multiple residential software leaders to create a full lead-to-lease platform with a flexible, mobile-friendly online rental application system and a powerful documents solution.

Online Rental Application
AI Resident Screening
Resident Screening

A.I. Resident Screening

Designed specifically for the rental housing market, ResidentIQ Online Leasing helps drive revenue by scoring all applicants from the available applicant pool and emphasizing adaptive screening to qualify more prospects at any given time. This allows property owners/operators to make accurate risk decisions on borderline applicants and offset end-of-lease costs.

Fraud Prevention

ID Verification

Protect your business from fraudulent applications with ResidentIQ Online Leasing’s built-in ID Verification service. In real time, a prospect’s information will be screened and verified. If false information is detected, the applicant will be flagged and removed from the prospective tenant pool. From SSN and DOB to an applicant’s reported income, ID Verification will make sure all of the important information on the application is verified and lessen risk to your staff.

ID Verification
Features & Functionality

ResidentIQ offers more than a traditional online leasing software!

Electronic Signatures

Take advantage of our proprietary e-signature feature so you don’t need a third-party vendor and you can enjoy all the same easy-to-use tracking features.

Batch E-Sign

When property managers have multiple documents that require signature and approval you can easily select all documents and countersign in a single step.

AI Technology

Make smarter hiring decisions. Adjust risk level on a property-by-property basis. Make accurate risk decisions backed by statistics.

Actionable Management Reports

Compare your acceptance criteria against your ROI to determine effectiveness. Keep your standards dynamic based on market conditions and location.

Instant Pre-Qualifications

Get quick financial reports on your applicants to easily screen and narrow down your applicant pool. Remove unqualified applicants while staying in compliance with FCRA laws, Fair Housing laws, and HUD guidelines.

Predictive Scoring

Enjoy nuanced results that go beyond a pass/fail system. Get refined results regarding predictors of behaviors that drive good rental performance. Maximize revenue while minimizing risk and determine how well an applicant will perform over the course of a lease term.

Risk Analysis

Go beyond the standard credit check with ResidentIQ. Add clarity to applicants in the borderline range. Make informed decisions based on seasonality and market demand.

Dynamic Threshold Adjustments

Easily adjust risk threshold on a property-by-property basis to incrementally manage risk.

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