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Offering pre-employment screening for rental housing hiring needs, ResidentIQ® Employment Screening creates efficiency and provides residential property managers with the information they need to hire smarter and quicker.

Increase Hiring Confidence
Pre-Employment Screening

Increase Hiring Confidence

Identify critical issues sooner in the hiring process and receive confirmation that what an applicant claims is factual with hiring software designed to reduce risks from negligent hiring.

Elevate Quality of Every Hire

Elevate the Quality of Every Hire

We elevate the quality of every new hire by providing access to local and federal criminal searches, employment and reference verifications, along with motor vehicle records so you have the information needed to make an informed decision.

Accurate, Affordable & Fast

Accurate, Affordable & Fast

We work with residential property managers of all sizes so you can have access to a more secure and safer workplace that sustains growth and fosters talent.

Deeper Information for a Better Hire


Criminal Screening

Run industry-compliant county, state, federal, and national criminal background searches so your business has a comprehensive overview of a potential new employee. We believe everyone has the right to a safe work environment and our pre-employment screening services help provide that.

Criminal Screening
ID Verification
Designed for Rental Communities

Custom Screening Packages

Our goal is to always provide property managers with precisely what they need. We partner with property management companies of all sizes so we can create a custom solution designed for you.

Features & Functionality

ResidentIQ offers more than a traditional screening software!

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