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Provide quality housing for all with our trusted, experienced, and efficient lease enforcement software. Protect your communities with ResidentIQ® Lease Compliance solution built to provide case management across for a single property or entire portfolio.

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We work with real estate law firms nationwide to provide rental eviction services due to non-compliance. Receive status updates anytime for all of your properties in our online portal designed to save your property staff time so they can focus on your property investments while we focus on the eviction process.

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Online Eviction Process

The choice to move forward with the eviction process is often a last resort, and the time following is difficult for all parties involved. With our online eviction process, we capture all the necessary information to file an eviction in your jurisdiction through our platform in accordance with the laws of your jurisdiction.

As the case processes, we cover all necessary fees and then invoice you the total cost. Through our online platform, you can view all updates to the case and receive automated email notifications. All case data can be found in your account for future reference.

Online Eviction Process
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