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Effective resident communication is essential in the property management industry. With ResidentIQ® Messaging you and your residents can enjoy flexibility, compliance, and good record-keeping.

Advanced Messaging Solution
Stay in Touch

Advanced Messaging Solution

Keep residents and property teams in the know with emergency messaging, payment notifications, group messaging, and custom templates to keep branding consistent.

Our admin dashboard allows property managers to schedule upcoming messages to be sent, receive message notifications, and download message history for internal or legal purposes.

Payment Reminders

Payment Reminders

Lessen the chance of missed payments with monthly reminders of upcoming rent due dates. Send messages through text or email and easily link to the resident portal so they can pay rent online.

Schedule Messages

Schedule Messages

Quickly schedule messages to be pushed out on whatever date you choose.

Gain Valuable Insight

Resident Surveys

Foster engagement, increase lease renewals, and stay in-the-know with what renters need. Utilize our in-house questionnaire system to create micro surveys, custom surveys, and more.

With our custom full resident lifecycle surveys, you can request residents to share their experience on social media or online.

Resident Surveys
Features & Functionality

ResidentIQ offers more than a traditional messaging solution!

Group Messaging

Easily communicate with multiple renters at one property. Keep all residents in the know thanks to our easy-to-use messaging tool.

Contact Sync

Our PM integration partners can sync contacts into our messaging software so property managers can save time and keep consistent records.

Emergency Messaging

Stay prepared and easily communicate with customers in any situation. Customers can even utilize their admin portal to send emergency notifications of all types.


Using our custom surveys feature you can foster engagement while collecting valuable feedback to increase lease renewals and stay in-the-know with renters needs.


Upper-level management can easily view how often and when the on-site team communicates with the property. Filter using custom tags, permission base, tags, time range, and by group of properties.

Resident Messaging

Choose between messaging all residents or just individuals. All messages are bi-directional so residents can message back and all records are neatly kept in your admin portal.

Prospect Messaging

Impress potential clients and keep track of prospects through our messaging tool. Your prospects expect clear lines of communication; with ResidentIQ Messaging, your guests get just that.

Easy Compliance

Designed with built-in United States messaging rules so your property managers can focus on property management while knowing your message history is being stored for potential use in the future.

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