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Save time and money with the most advanced and complete platform available for utility billing, payments, and compliance. ResidentIQ® Utility Billing splits the monthly utility costs amongst residents based on predetermined criteria so you can generate additional revenue while automating the process.

Designed for the Residential Industry
Smarter Utility Billing

Designed for the Residential Industry

By pulling the move-in/move-out data from our property management software, calculating RUBs or reading submeters we lead the residential industry with a solution designed to benefit both customers and the property management company.

Give your property managers their time back with software that splits costs, issues accurate invoices, and offers online payment for residents inside your existing rent payment portal.

Bi-directional Integrations

Bi-directional Integrations

Recieve better data and reporting with bi-directional integrations into major PMSs.

Regulatory Compliance

Protect your business regarding regulations around billing and payments at the local, state and federal level. Each property is reviewed annually for all regulatory changes as part of our compliant services.

Regulatory Compliance
Features & Functionality

ResidentIQ offers more than
just Utility Billing!

Regulatory Compliance

Stay on top of audits with billing fees and methods automatically audited for initial compliance. Each property is then reviewed annually for regulatory changes.

Vacant Unit Cost Recovery

Identify and properly bill residents with our Vacant Unit Cost Recovery (VUCR) services that match charges against move-in and move-out dates.

Invoice Processing

Ensure the accuracy of invoicing with our team dedicated to correctly billing your residents. Each invoice is scanned, verified, and scheduled by our staff members.

Generate Additional Revenue

Our convergent billing solution gives you more options and control than ever before. Easily split one monthly bill to all residents with charges and fees included.

Submeter Installation

We support all existing submeters across the nation and can easily install these systems at your property. All readings are entered, stored, and validated for accuracy with extensive reporting available.

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