AMS Billing Partners with Kairos Water to Better Serve Property Managers

Mar 29, 2023 | Property Management Software

SARASOTA, Fla., March 29, 2023AMS Billing Services by ResidentIQ, a leader in utility billing for property managers, today announced a first of its kind strategic partnership with Kairos Water, Inc. This partnership combines two industry-leading products for early detection of residential and commercial water leaks and protects residents and property managers alike against unforeseen utility expenses or property damage.

The alliance enhances AMS’s Smarter Utility Billing™ offering by expanding its sub-metering to include the Kairos Enterprise Grade Sub-Metering and Sensor solutions. Kairos’ patented technology computes critical data to prevent billions in water damage caused by leaks and potentially billions of gallons in lost water. When paired, AMS and Kairos deliver a proven way to offer significant environmental benefits by reducing water-loss and protecting local communities’ natural resources. This new offering helps organizations meet ESG targets while providing highly desired environmentally sustainable solutions.

“With the reputation for a client-centered approach to innovation, AMS is proud to help our property managers create communities that are safe and efficient and keep residents happy,” said Chris Jeffries, general manager of AMS. “The progressive nature of both AMS and Kairos continues to signal our deep commitment to residential and commercial properties.”

“We are thrilled to partner with AMS because seconds matter when water leaks happen in someone’s home,” added Davin Gastwirth, Kairos Chief Revenue Officer. “We’re committed to delivering on the AMS mission to put property managers and operators in control with a best-fit utility billing solution that provides instant data while saving time and money.”

Kairos is a member of the LoRaWAN alliance and has AWWA certification. With the world’s first battery-powered smart sub-metering system, Kairos technology detects granular leaks and comes equipped with an onboard shut-off valve. Combined with intelligent sensors that detect leaks from just a drop of water at the source in real time and a communications protocol that does not rely on Wi-Fi or a cellular connection, the technology allows owners to stop water damage before it happens.

AMS Billing by ResidentIQ is a leading billing services provider for multifamily, commercial, and residential properties. AMS’s rent payment and utility billing programs are designed to help operators manage with efficiency and increase profitability, while keeping residents satisfied. AMS’s state-of-the-art technology and world-class customer service make it a platform that’s unmatched in the industry. To learn more, visit or about this and other solutions. Both AMS Billing and ResidentIQ are part of the broader residential software ecosystem provided by Inhabit.

Kairos Water is a hardware design, engineering, and manufacturing company that produces cutting-edge water management technology for commercial and residential properties. Their patented water technology system was designed from the ground up to tackle the threat of water damage and waste from virtually any source by providing real-time insight and control via advanced leak sensors and smart water meters with automatic shut-off valves. Water damage costs insurance companies and property owners $11 billion annually. The Kairos platform is the only solution on the market that can effectively and affordably minimize exposure to these catastrophic losses while enabling sustainable water consumption.


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